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The Yolo Habitat Conservancy is a joint powers agency comprised of the County of Yolo and the cities of Davis, West Sacramento, Winters, and Woodland.

The Yolo Habitat Conservancy has prepared the Yolo Habitat Conservation Plan/Natural Community Conservation Plan (Yolo HCP/NCCP), a model conservation plan to provide Endangered Species Act permits and associated mitigation for infrastructure (e.g. roads, bridges, and levees) and development activities (e.g. agricultural facilities, housing, and commercial buildings), identified for construction over the next 50 years in Yolo County. The Yolo Habitat Conservancy is also developing a voluntary, non-regulatory, Yolo Regional Conservation Investment Strategy/Local Conservation Plan (RCIS/LCP) that will provide a framework for the conservation of natural communities and certain sensitive species not covered by the Yolo HCP/NCCP.

Staff, Boards and Committees

Yolo Habitat Conservancy Staff
Petrea Marchand 

Executive Director


(530) 746-2083

Shawna Stevens

Assistant to the Director


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Susan Garbini

Research Associate


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Yolo Habitat Conservancy Board

The County of Yolo and the incorporated cities of Davis, West Sacramento, Winters, and Woodland formed the Joint Powers Agency (now the Yolo Habitat Conservancy or YHC) in 2002 to oversee the development of a regional conservation plan for Yolo County. The YHC Board of Directors consists of elected representatives appointed by the member jurisdictions. It has two primary functions: (1) to assist in the planning, preparation, and subsequent administration of the Yolo HCP/NCCP and the Yolo Local Conservation Strategy; and (2) to facilitate acquisition of conservation easements to mitigate adverse effects on Swainson’s hawk’s habitat during the planning process.


In 2005, the YHC entered into a Planning Agreement with the CDFW and the USFWS, pursuant to the NCCPA that defined the initial scope of the program as well as the roles and responsibilities of the parties involved in the development of the HCP/NCCP.


Meeting materials including the meeting calendar, agendas, and meeting minutes can be found on the Meetings Page.

Board Members

The seven members of the Yolo Habitat Conservancy Board represent Yolo County, the four incorporated cities of Davis, Woodland, West Sacramento, and Winters, and the University of California, Davis. Board members are appointed by their representative agency to serve on the Yolo Habitat Conservancy Board and do not receive financial compensation for their service as a board member


Yolo County Supervisor

City of Davis Councilmember

City of West Sacramento Councilmember

Yolo County Supervisor

City of Woodland Councilmember

City of Winters Councilmember

UC Davis Loval Gov. Relations Manager


March 2012

August 2018

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September 2016

January 2018

Advisory Committee

In 2004, the YHC created the Advisory Committee to provide public input and expert advice during the development of the Yolo HCP/NCCP and the Yolo Local Conservation Plan. The Advisory Committee consists of representatives of the primary groups with an interest in the plan, including YHC member agency staff, landowners, the agricultural community, conservation organizations, citizens’ groups, and land developers. The YHC Board appointed members based on their expertise and interest in the program. YHC Board, member agency, and wildlife agency liaisons also attend the Advisory Committee meetings. 


The group holds open meetings on a regular basis to review relevant materials and documents; evaluate and synthesize ideas, data, and information; and discuss and resolve complex issues related to the planning process. The Advisory Committee seeks to reach consensus when possible and provides recommendations to the YHC Board on a range of matters pertinent to the HCP/NCCP and the Local Conservation Strategy.


Meeting materials can be found on the Advisory Committee Page.


Committee Members:

Board Liaisons:


Member Agency Liaisons: 


Agency Liaisons:


Science and Technical Advisory Committee 

The biologists and other planners of the Science and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) provide scientific and technical guidance to the YHC on the selection of proposed conservation easement properties and mitigation receiving sites (e.g. regarding species biology, species habitat requirements, and habitat restoration actions). The STAC may also advise the YHC on other issues as requested by the Executive Director, such as site-specific management and monitoring plans, habitat management and/or enhancement opportunities, and easements that benefit covered species eligible for grants.


Committee Members:
  • Jim Estep, Chair, Estep Environmental

  • Sid England, UC Davis

  • Melanie Truan, UC Davis

  • Ed Whisler, Edward D. Whisler Biological

  • Eric Hansen, Consulting Biologist

  • Patrick Reynolds, Hedgerow Farms

Valley elderberry longhorn beetle