The Yolo HCP/NCCP has been selected as the Merit Award winner of the 2020 Innovation in Green Community Planning Award from the California Chapter of the American Planning Association

 The Yolo Habitat Conservation Plan & Natural Community Conservation Plan is now fully adopted and permitted. Program implementation officially began on January 11, 2019.

Thank you to the many entities and individuals that have contributed to the Yolo HCP/NCCP.

What's New

Learn more about the Conservancy and the Yolo Habitat Conservation Plan/ Natural Community Conservation Plan.

The Yolo HCP/NCCP protects 12 endangered species and conserves 33,362 acres of land.

See what local news outlets are saying about the Yolo HCP/NCCP.

The Conservancy forms agreements with landowners to conserve natural habitat.

The Yolo HCP/NCCP will streamline the permitting process for new developments in Yolo County.

Read the Yolo HCP/NCCP.

Yolo HCP/NCCP Fees:

The annual fee adjustment for 2021 will be in effect as of March 22, 2021. All applications received on or after March 22, 2021 are subject to the updated fees.


2021 Fees (per acre):

Land Cover Fee  $15,169

Fresh Emergent Wetland $77,366

Valley Foothill Riparian $85,683

Lacustrine and Riverine $62,048

See the Permitting page for more information and to download the current application forms.

The Yolo Habitat Conservancy is soliciting applications from landowners interested in habitat conservation easements

See the Landowner's page for more information and to download an application.

Yolo Habitat Conservation Plan/ Natural Community Conservation Plan

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